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Our 7 Virtues & Values

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Our 7 Virtues is our list of seven paramount guiding attributes with which we seek to direct and develop the character of our students here at Virtue Taekwondo. 

A 'virtue' is an element of behavior which carries high moral and personal standards. It is something that can be implemented in our interactions and engagements every day!

Individuals who live virtuous lifestyles are inclined to successful human connections and more fulfilling results in every aspect of life. Virtuous people are high-functioning people with priceless worth to our modern world.

7 Virtues List:

7 Virtues List

1. Faith

  • Believing is quite literally the most important thing we can ever do. It shapes the human spirit more than anything else can. Just about every aspect of our life is impacted by how we choose to exercise our faith.

  • We respect all people's deep personal beliefs; however, the students of Virtue Taekwondo are encouraged to carry a positive belief in God, in their classmates, and in themselves.

  • If we do not believe something is possible for ourselves, then It probably isn't.


2. Respect

  • When relating to people and the general world around us, the most important trait that must shape our behavior and attitude is respect. 

  • We show respect for all, first by acknowledging them; and then by taking consideration for their identity, history, contributions, accomplishments, character, needs, feelings, and the role that they play in our life.

  • Respect demands that we treat people as we would like them to treat us.


3. Humility

  • Humility expresses that as long as other people are present, we are not, and never will, be the most important person in the room. 

  • There will always be space for us to display honor to the people and the world around us and to reject pridefulness as means to tear down bridges between people, to be open to learn from those who have gone before us, and to strive for unity and peace with others.

  • Humility requires that we listen twice as much as we speak, that we understand twice as much as we judge, and that we contribute twice as much as we consume.


4. Commitment

  • Very seldom do we ever experience satisfying results from pursuits to which we are not committed; and yet the greatest sources of fulfillment that we find most often derive out of our greatest commitments.

  • It is the quality of applying oneself with grit and resolution with the purpose of achieving the goal that we have set for ourself no matter the obstacle.

  • The most truly successful people are always those who are the most committed.


5. Fortitude

  • Fortitude is displaying mental strength, especially through bravery in the face of adversity or hardship.

  • It is the most necessary ingredient in order to combat fear, which is often the principal facet of a person's mindset that hinders them from pursuing their biggest goals and dreams. There are many things in this world of which to be afraid, but fortitude gives us the strength to press on in the midst of them.

  • Those who are brave enough to give it a real shot will always outdo those who are too afraid to even try.


6. Self Discipline

  • Self Discipline is the quality of regularly correcting oneself more toward the direction that one should go in order to achieve greater personal results. 

  • It is the ability to exercise strong intention within one's decisions, to overcome weakness, and to defy the temptation to quit.

  • In contrast to 'Self Control', which often implies primarily saying 'no' to negative stimuli, self discipline is the habit of saying 'yes' to one's responsibilities and aspirations to succeed. (Self Control is highlighted within the 5 Tenets of Taekwondo)


7. Confidence

  • Confidence is the quality of trusting oneself and one's competence to perform a given task effectively and skillfully. 

  • Its use within a performance is key in order to convince onlookers, as well as oneself, of one's own abilities and is used as a helpful means to combat personal insecurity and inhibition, which is displayed practically through an attitude of dignity, composure, and decisiveness of technique.

  • In contrast with the virtue of faith, which is conviction toward a longer term objective, confidence is an attitude of high personal self esteem; not to be confused with arrogance, which forms due to a lack of humility.

7 Values List

7 Values List:

(Scroll down for pictures)

The 7 Core Values is our list of 7 foundational principles which we prioritize in order to strengthen and support the health of our school.

The distinction between the Virtues and Values is that while a 'virtue' is a characteristic of behavior that can be practiced daily, a 'core value' is a goal which represents our motivations to do what we do with ever-increasing desire for achievement and purpose.

Virtues are what we live by; Values are what we strive for.


1. Unity

= The state of being in agreement and harmony with one another

"We can accomplish far more together than we ever could apart." - Virtue Taekwondo


2. Health

= The state of being free from infirmity or injury

"With healthy minds, bodies, and spirits, we will achieve an optimal quality of life." - Virtue Taekwondo


3. Balance

= The state of being stable due to an even distribution of weight or burden.

"Through managing our time, energy, relationships, and other resources, we can strive for a proper, balanced life." - Virtue Taekwondo


4. Order

= The state of being put together and arranged in a structured and organized way.

"By respecting the hierarchy of ranks and adhering to the 
systems of the organization, we can set our students up for success with consistency and efficiency of process." - Virtue Taekwondo


5. Excellence

= The state of being effective with high quality and merit; surpassing ordinary standards.

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence." - Vince Lombardi


6. Integrity

= The state of being whole and complete due to adherence to a code of principles based in accuracy, reliability, tradition, and truth.

"Through displaying an honest and upright character rooted in integrity, students can learn to gain favor with their superiors and see extraordinary results in their craft, careers, and lives overall." - Virtue Taekwondo


7. Flexibility

= The state of being able to adapt and adjust oneself according to a change in circumstances or conditions.

"Students who are flexible mentally and physically will be able to avoid many 
unnecessary injuries; figuratively and literally." - Virtue Taekwondo

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