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Company Ovierview

Our business' legal name is Virtue Taekwondo LLC (UBI 602 603 496) and is a Washington Limited Liability Corporation. We instruct students age 4+ in the art and sport of Olympic Taekwondo.

Our school has been operating continuously in the Graham-Puyallup area since October, 2001, originally known by the name "Untalan's Taekwondo Academy".

Our current location is 10113 213th St E, Graham, WA 98338 inside Crossfit Deluge. We have been operating out of a sublease within their facility since 2018. 

In the last 18 months (since July 2020), we've seen our student body increase by 260% and monthly revenue increase by 600%.



Master George Untalan is the school founder and master. He is a Veteran of the United States Navy, a 6th Degree Black Belt in Olympic Taekwondo (certified by Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Headquarters in Seoul Korea), and has been an Instructor of Olympic Taekwondo since 1990 (32 years ago). He began his training in the 1970s during his upbringing on the island of Guam.

His son, Gabriel Untalan is the current primary operator of the business, having been an active practitioner of Taekwondo since 2005 (17 years ago), a certified Black Belt since 2012 (10 years ago), and an instructor at Virtue Taekwondo since 2014 (8 years ago). 



Our mission is to meaningfully impact our local community by inspiring the hearts and minds of youth, by building up the next generation of leaders, and empowering all who train on our mats through character development and confidence-building exercises.

We desire as a business to have a positive impact on all people who come in contact with us, whether through us operators, or indirectly through the amazing students who represent us daily.

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Target Customer

Our target demographics include consumer families who ​​

  • Are parents ages 29-45

  • Make a minimum of $48,000

  • Have school-aged children in the home

Our target psychographics include consumer families who

  • Have children who are in need of an "outlet"

  • Struggle with social skills or mild discipline issues

  • Value character growth in themselves or children


We are confident that the local Graham area and surrounding cities which is a growing area is increasingly in favor of our demographic and psychographic targets.

Green Forest


Covid-19 had a very significant impact on the local market of martial arts schools and institutions of similar purpose. Yet Virtue Taekwondo persevered through the difficult season.

Several of our competitors have closed down directly or indirectly due to the pandemic (Champions Martial Arts, Master Shin's TKD Center, Sumner Taekwondo, Kiai Martial Arts).

We have identified several other schools who remain in the market, yet we are confident pose no serious threat to our business goals (Dragons Karate, Pinnacle MA, Tiger Kim's Pro TKD)


Products & Services

We are a Taekwondo school. We offer all training related to growth and development within the Korean art of Taekwondo including, Poomsae (Forms), Gyorugi (Sparring), Kyukpa (Board-Breaking), agility drills, strength training, stretching, coordination-building activities, plyometric exercises, kicking, punching, pushups, running, jumping, etc.

Students come to learn self-defense skills, but also like skills, as well as to get a great workout which supports healthy physical and mental development, as well as hormone regulation.

Our school also supplies 
physical goods to our students necessary for training including practice paraphernalia, protective sparring equipment, apparel, etc.



Practically our business plans to double our student body count by the end of 2022. 

We strive for an increase of at least 80% in our monthly revenue by 2023.

We strive to increase our local reach of our community through Taekwondo to a greater degree than our school has yet seen in 20 years of business.



email -
phone - (253)722-7559

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